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Family Missing Since August Found Safe

From left: Christopher Bravo and Samantha Bravo Naugatuck Police Department
From left: Christopher Bravo and Samantha Bravo
Naugatuck Police Department


Andres Bravo, 43, Jennifer Cubilos, 33,  Christopher, 14, and Samantha, 11.

Missing from where?

Their home in Naugatuck, Connecticut.

When did the family of 4 go missing?

The last time anyone recalled seeing them was in late June or early July, at a local bank. 
Relatives hadn't heard from them since August 11th.

When did someone get worried they were gone?

School started on August 27th. The children, Christopher and Jennifer, failed to show up. Officials went to find out why. When they arrived at the Bravos' house, they discovered the whole family gone.

Why were red flags raised?

  1. The Bravos had cleared out and the place had been sold in what seems to have been a hushed manner.
  2. No relatives had been alerted that they were moving.
  3. The parents, Andres and Jennifer, left no forwarding information.
  4. Their cell phone numbers were no longer active.
  5. Friends and relatives couldn't reach them.
  6. There was an "unusual chain of circumstances" according to Naugatuck Police Department Lt. Bryan Cammarata.
  7. Other signs that led authorities to believe this was a suspicious disappearance were not shared by the police.
Andres Bravo, 43, Jennifer Cubilos, 33       Naugatuck Police Department
Andres Bravo, 43, Jennifer Cubilos, 33       Naugatuck Police Department

Where did the family disappear to?

Apparently, the family is on vacation. The Naugatuck police announced via Facebook that the family had left the state of Connecticut, that the family is safe. Details were not released as to where they are and how the police found them.
Out of respect for the family, no further information will be provided by Lt. Cammarata as to why the family disappeared the way they did.

Are they in trouble?

Despite the in-depth investigation--including missing-persons alerts--the family is in no trouble. Lt. Cammarata stresses that there is “no criminal aspect to this situation” and that there is “absolutely no wrongdoing on the part of the family."

When so many mysteries like this end in tragedy, it's great to hear that the family is safe. 

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